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Guard Force Inc under the trade name of Guard Forces LLC can support all of your Agency’s Contracted Security Needs. GFI provides a full spectrum of security solutions: from globalized security strategies to facility-specific protection & physical security. Our team of security professionals is dedicated to ensuring your safety and peace of mind.



Our security consulting services offer comprehensive security assessments, threat analysis, and risk management solutions to help you make informed decisions about your security needs. We work closely with our clients to develop customized security plans that align with their unique requirements and budget.

Our access control services provide advanced security solutions to restrict access to sensitive areas of your facility. We offer a range of access control options including biometric readers, smart card readers, and keypad systems.

GFS Patrol Car.png


Our on-site guarding services provide highly trained security guards to protect your property and assets. We offer a range of guarding options including armed and unarmed guards, event security, and mobile patrol units.

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